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Aussie Erosion provides professional sediment and erosion control services to the Building, Construction, Civil and Mining Industries.

We supply services such as:

  • Silt Fence installation
  • Hydromulching/Hydroseeding
  • Dust Suppression
  • Soil and Slope Stabilisation through a variety of innovative erosion control products.

The products we offer include:

  • Silt Socks
  • Coir Logs
  • Coir mesh
  • Jute Matting
  • Jute Mesh
  • Geofabric
  • Various drain protection from sediments and contaminants.

With Aussie Erosion,

you can be sure to receive a prompt reliable service, being up to date on all legislation and Council requirements. Aussie Erosion is fully Insured, Code Compliant, has a comprehensive Safe Work Method Statement whilst being committed to customer satisfaction.

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Silt Fences

Product Sales and Professional Installation

Aussie Erosion supplies a variety of Silt Fencing and Safety Barrier Fencing products. These particular fencing products are used as temporary structures and are generally used on construction sites.

Aussie Erosion uses a high-tech trenchless system when installing their silt fences where no trenching or back filling is required. To ensure minimal OH&S issues Aussie Erosion utilises pneumatic installation equipment.

All the Difference When the Job Is Done Right

Call Aussie Erosion to work out what solution would best suit your project. Contact Us

Coir Logs

Product Sales and Professional Installation

Aussie Erosion supplies and installs Coir Logs in two sizes; 200mm and 300mm diametres. A Coir Log is made from 100% coir fibre bound by coir fibre netting which is biodegradable. Coir Fibre Logs are ideal for constructing check structures, managing changes in stream flow velocity, shaping channels and stabilising shorelines.

Coir has high tensile strength which protects steep surfaces from heavy flows and sediment movement. It has three to four year life which allows for full plant and soil establishment, natural plant invasion and land stabilization. Being 100% natural and biodegradable, coir fibre functions as a soil amendment. Water absorbent coir fibre acts as mulch on the soil surface.

Professional and Qualified

With a Diploma of Conservation & Land Management, Aussie Erosion are qualified to identify native and endemic plant species. Additionally, we can advise on their optimum selection and application.

Hydromulching & Hydroseeding

A cost-effective alternative to laying turf.

Hydromulching or Hydroseeding is the application of seed, mulch, fertiliser, tackifier (sticking agent) and water to form a wet mixture called a slurry. These ingredients are combined and then pumped onto exposed soil. This method is a cost-effective alternative to laying turf.

Aussie Erosion can fulfil specific Hydromulching Specifications you may have or alternatively can offer unique solutions to achieve best results. We also provide Native Seed Hydromulching using a seed mix blend that is endemic to the area.